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Almost 20 years ago, Simmons Transport, Inc. was established to provide temporary emergency potable drinking water systems to residences, businesses and commercial/municipal institutions that were in need of a temporary source of clean, potable drinking water, while their own permanent water supply was out of service.

Permanent water supplies can be interrupted for a variety of reasons, such as malfunctioning pump/treatment equipment, lightning strikes, drought, natural disasters (hurricanes and floods), or contamination from pollution sites such as leaking underground tanks.  While the reason for the interruption in the permanent water supply is being investigated and ultimately corrected, Simmons Transport, Inc. can provide a temporary potable drinking water system and drinking water to help you continue operating your business, taking care of your customers, or allowing you to continue to live in your home, while your water supply problem is being solved.

Simmons Transport, Inc. is located in northern New Jersey in Sussex County.  Our location allows us to conveniently serve our clients in the New Jersey–New York–Pennsylvania Tri-State area.

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